Corporate News: SYZYGY Group achieves double-digit growth / very positive outlook for 2014

Once again in 2013, SYZYGY Group was able to achieve double digit growth and increase organic net sales by 13 per cent to EUR 35.0 million. Thus, 2013 is one of the most successful years in the company?s history. 

Operating income was down slightly to EUR 2.0 million (-5%) due to special effects. Financial income of EUR 2.1 million represents an increase of 66 per cent compared to 2012. Income before taxes rose to EUR 4.1 million (+22%). 

Net income of EUR 3.4 million results in earnings per share of EUR 0.25. 

Already on 22 January, the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of SYZYGY AG announced to propose a dividend of EUR 0.28 to the Annual General Meeting. 

Liquid funds and securities amounted to EUR 24.8 million as at balance sheet day, representing a cash portion of EUR 1.93 per share. 

For the current fiscal year, SYZYGY expect to improve net sales by some 15 per cent to EUR 40.0 million. Thereof, EUR 1.5 million will be contributed by Ars Thanea; the company will be fully consolidated in 2014, as SYZYGY raised its stake in the Polish Agency from 26 to 70 per cent in February 2014. Operating income is expected to grow disproportionately by some 60 per cent to EUR 3.2 million. Earning per share will supposedly reach EUR 0.30. 

The Annual Report 2013 in English language will be available on Friday, 25 April.